Got a Three-Year Old? Common Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

Parenting is a constant struggle. Just when you think that everything is sorted out, your child grows up a bit more and adds new challenges to the mix. The age of three is a pretty important time. This is where three-year-olds learn to be more independent and truly discover what they can do.

With that in mind, we’re going to be discussing common mistakes that parents make with kids this age.

Short Tempers

When kids are infants, they need constant supervision. When they’re around three, parents get more freedom in doing more things. However, there is a struggle when a kid wants attention that impedes upon whatever the parent is doing at this time.

A parent isn’t the only one experiencing frustration. A child also gets frustrated when they feel like they’re being ignored. They do not have the self-control that has taken years to develop. So when a parent snaps at their child, it can be very damaging.

High Expectations

Three year olds are more vocal and are able to do more things. At this age, parents often make the mistake of expecting too much from what their kids can do. They end up expecting children to be able to act like 10 year olds.

While three year olds are going to be older and will be able to do more, this does not mean that they are able to function to the same capacity as older individuals. They are going to be loud and be hard-headed. This is the age where parents should put down the foundation of the person they can become. If parents set high expectations, they can expect dysfunctional children in the future.

To Close

Parents must manage their expectations and reel in their temper. Children need suitable support and understanding to grow into decent members of society.

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